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Case Studies

Acoustic Enclosure for UK Power Reserve to house gas fired electricity generators

Over the years We have completed hundreds of projects within the noise reduction arena. These range from small industrial noise havens, right through to all-encompassing acoustic enclosures for the power generation industry. In every case, we have assessed the requirement and designed the solution that works for you. If you have an acoustic issue, we have a Kimpton designed solution. If you’re looking for a more general energy or contracting solution, then please look at our parent company, Kimpton Energy Solutions.

Within almost any industrial situation, noise can become a problem. It can reduce productivity, cause real harm to people at home and work and even interfere with the natural patterns of wildlife. So for us, the reduction of unwanted noise and vibration is more than just an industrial problem, it’s often a life-enhancing solution. That’s not just us trying to increase the importance of what we do, it’s a fact that when some of our projects are completed, we have transformed a noisy unwelcoming site into one that is genuinely a pleasant place to be around.

Some of this work may not even be immediately apparent or visible as we aim to create solutions that not only work well, but look good too. For us, this may be using purpose designed sight lines and perspective to minimise the visual impact of an enclosure when it’s in the wilds of Scotland to the complete opposite when it’s a haven designed to be seen within a factory or industrial environment.

We have grouped the case studies into their specific solutions, but many have obvious overlaps where multiple solutions are deployed within one project.

Please browse through the list below and have a read of the acoustic engineering case studies. We have aimed to cover almost all eventualities, but If you don’t see one that appears relevant to you, then please call one of the acoustics team on 0151 343 1963 to discuss your specific requirements.


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