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he finished unit with the CHP installed and all of the acoustic finishing complete
Creating a Showcase CHP Enclosure

The Kimpton Acoustic Engineering team have recently had a chance to revisit one of our more interesting CHP enclosure projects. When we say that it was an abattoir you may think differently, but for us, some of the technologies employed on the site and some of the solutions we...

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The completed acoustic barrier showing ducted exhaust
Acoustic Barriers for Bitumen Production Plant

The Kimpton Acoustic Team have just completed the installation of a series of Acoustic Barriers within a large Bitumen production plant in the UK. The barriers were designed to reduce reflective noise from the machinery used in the production process and shield workers within the plant from potentially unsafe...

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The view across the site showing the new enclosure and the GIS transformers in place
Acoustic Enclosures for New Cross Substation

The Kimpton Acoustic team, with our partners at GE Grid Solutions, have engineered acoustic enclosures at New Cross Substation in the East End of London

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Acoustic enclosure for the process industry- The completed acoustic enclosure fully powder coated and ready to go
Acoustic enclosure for the process industry

The Kimpton Acoustic team have recently completed the design and production of a new bespoke acoustic enclosure for British Rema for a client in Spain.

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