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What We Do

Acoustic engineering and industrial noise reduction require specialist technical knowledge and expertise in order to achieve optimum noise control and ensure compliance with regulations and standards. Industrial noise reduction is governed by regulatory requirements that demand that every project needs to undergo an exacting evaluation in order to ensure the optimum performance of new products before they are brought into mainstream production. Kimpton, as an industrial acoustics company, able to recommend the most appropriate noise reduction solutions based on this approach, from its broad range of product areas.

With an enviable track record in a wide range of industrial noise reduction applications, Kimpton Acoustics has successfully designed and developed noise control solutions and have provided refurbishment/upgrade projects to some of the best-known names in industry. We have experience of providing acoustic engineering solutions for: Transformers & generators, UPS & CHP equipment; walls & ceilings, louvres and attenuators; bottling & canning plants, paper manufacturing & presses; Compressors, Pumps & Boilers, fan sets and HVAC plant; studio facilities and music rooms in schools, colleges and universities.

Acoustic Design Expertise

Kimpton Acoustics is able to address the most complex noise management projects that industrial and manufacturing clients face by combining our state-of-the-art design facilities with decades of industry experience, and present the right solution, whatever the size or scale of the project.

Industrial noise reduction with Acoustic Enclosure for Stilling Fleet Coalfield for UK Coal

Project Evaluation

Our highly qualified consultants will work closely with customers throughout each individual project to evaluate the specific noise factors. We will perform a comprehensive assessment of operating site conditions and employee exposure to noise levels to enable the correct identification of appropriate noise protection, all fully compliant with current Control of Noise at Work Regulations.

Before any design proposals are prepared, the practicalities of installing noise control equipment are also considered to ensure it does not adversely affect the smooth running of your business. For example, issues such as access for routine operation and maintenance, ventilation, air conditioning, colour and finish options, as well as lighting are all fully taken into consideration.

Manufacture of Noise Suppression Products for Industrial noise reduction

Our noise suppression products are manufactured to the highest specification by a highly skilled and experienced team working to your precise requirements. Our quality assurance procedures ensure all projects are completed to the most exacting standards and with the utmost efficiency.

Installation Service

Our fully managed, trouble-free installation service allows us to have the flexibility to offer you a choice of installation options. The installation can be scheduled to accommodate your individual manufacturing and downtime programmes. Alternatively, we can supply general arrangement drawings and instructions, allowing you to complete the installation yourselves, with or without on-site assistance.

We also offer a re-installation service for any of our acoustic enclosure products. We often find that where occasional access is needed, such as for a CHP removal and refurbishment, some of the enclosure may need to be dismantled in order to improve access and allow removal. We are happy to both remove and reinstall acoustic enclosure products.

After Sales Support & Customer Service

After-sales support is a vital part of our complete end-to-end customer service. Having built up a close partnership during the evaluation, design, manufacturing and installation stages of the project, we continue to work with you, ensuring our acoustic enclosures and acoustic systems go on operating at maximum efficiency. This ongoing relationship also ensures we keep you fully updated on ever-evolving noise control technology and legislation.

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