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Royal Mail – Acoustic Reduction Solution Case Study

The Client

The Royal Mail distribution centre in Perth is a major depot for the East Scotland region, there are approximately 60 trucks travelling in and out each night.

The Challenge

Plans to increase the night time delivery and collection schedule were inhibited by council regulations regarding noise abatement after 8pm as the larger volume of traffic would result in disturbing noise emissions for local residents. A noise impact assessment identified that a minimum insertion loss of 12dB was required at the adjacent residential properties.

The Solution

Kimpton Energy Solutions were appointed to address the noise reduction challenge. Acoustic absorption wall lining, designed and manufactured as a modular construction to aid transportation and installation, was fixed to the walls and the underside of the canopy of the existing building.

The linings consist of sound absorption layers, which are applied to the surfaces that would otherwise reflect unacceptable noise.

An independent noise survey carried out after the installation showed that the noise emissions had been reduced to the required specified levels and the plans to increase the night-time schedule could go ahead.

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