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Packaged or Containerised Plant & Machine Rooms

Packaged Plant or Containerised Plant was initially developed as a transportable means of providing a pre-constructed, fitted out, ready to ‘plug and play’ generator enclosure for off-site use. Our bespoke prefabricated containers will house generators, combined heat and power units (CHPs), and boiler plant.

Delivery of the Packaged Plant Combined Heat and Power Acoustic Enclosure

Kimpton Acoustic Solutions design and manufacture custom-built containerised plant rooms contained within acoustic enclosures that are designed to be lifted by crane for new build and refurbishment projects. The ‘Plant Room in a box’ is the ideal packaged plant room solution for a variety of mechanical plant and electrical equipment, and is ideal as a portable generator enclosure.

Packaged Plant Being craned into site for Combined Heat and Power Acoustic Enclosure

The packaged plant room provides a cost-effective solution to having to build a new on-site machine room, reducing the construction programme times and also allows for the quick and easy replacement of existing plant with new more efficient low carbon technologies such as CHP or Biomass.

Packaged Plant Combined Heat and Power Acoustic Enclosure

Just being lowered down onto it’s prepared concrete pad, ready to connect to the services


Case Study

Project Details

The Client: Aberdeen Heat & Power
Customer: Torry Project
Service: Containerised Plantrooms
Project Completion: November 2012

The Project

Employed by Aberdeen Heat & Power, Kimpton Energy Solutions were to design and manufacture two bespoke containers to house CHPs’ for two separate district heating schemes in Scotland.

Manufactured at works the containers were constructed from a base frame with acoustic panels secured with H joiners between. The roof comprised an inverted pitch with internal rain pipes to comply with planning and in order to be more aesthetically pleasing, the enclosures were timber clad.

The units were designed to be lifted complete with the CHP installed allowing them to be fully fitted out prior to being shipped to site.

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