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Acoustic Doors

Our bespoke acoustic doors are individually designed to meet a variety of applications and acoustic requirements. These soundproof doors are just like a normal door – They can be designed to be hinged or configured as a sliding door. Our doors are available in any RAL colour and can be supplied with co-ordinating hardware to visually blend in with any surroundings.

Kimpton Acoustic doors are designed and guaranteed to meet the noise reduction requirements that you specify, whether they are provided as part of our acoustic enclosures, incorporated into a new building structure, or to replace existing doors that are damaged or have become aged.

Case Study

The Client – BP Sunbury

BP is a world leader in the oil industry and has its research and technology head office in Sunbury on Thames in Middlesex, a site that employs some 2,500 people in 12 buildings.

The Challenge

Any new construction work has to mindful of local sensitivities because of the proximity of the site to a nearby residential area. The construction of a new pump house meant that as well as noise control, the aesthetics were also a major consideration. The new building had not only to blend in with the local environment, but stringent planning requirements also meant that noise pollution had to be minimised.

The Solution

Kimpton Energy Solutions, working for structural steelwork sub-contractors W.S Britland & Co, was specified to supply five acoustic doors to the pump house enclosure as well as creating a series of sound-proofed infill panels.

The pump house itself is a timber clad steelwork construction, sympathetic to the surrounding area. Kimpton Energy Solutions was able to manufacture custom-built acoustic doors with co-ordinating hardware, all in conformance with the recommendations of an earlier noise impact assessment.

Once the pump house construction was complete, a subsequent independent noise survey was carried out which indicated that the potential noise levels of 79 dB(A) has been attenuated to the predicted background noise level of 60dB(A), well within the environmental requirements.

BP Sunbury Acoustic Doors for noise reduction
BP Sunbury Acoustic Doors for noise reduction

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