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Machine noise at work and five ways to control it by KImpton Acoustic Engineering
Machine Noise Reduction – What you need to know

Machine noise is a serious problem in a factory or industrial environment. And it’s one that any manufacturer or employer needs to understand and make steps to control and reduce. The Regulations require you as an employer to assess the risks to your employees from noise at work

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Acoustic enclosure for the machine that produces aluminium drinks cans
Acoustic enclosures for Ardagh Group – Deeside

Working with Ardagh Metal Beverage in Deeside, Our role has been to design, manufacture and install acoustic enclosures for the presses to ensure personnel within the factory are protected, as well as to control nuisance noise affecting neighbours.

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Beatrice Wind Farm
Acoustic Enclosures for Beatrice

Kimpton Acoustic Solutions job was to enclose the transformers at Beatrice Wind Farm to reduce their noise output by 20dB at 100Hz frequency. This is part way through the build and whilst it's not finished, is looking good.

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Kimpton provide new acoustic enclosures to UK Power Reserve

We are proud to announce that Kimpton Energy Solutions was employed directly by UK Power Reserve to provide new enclosures to house six new generators on existing UKPR sites.

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