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Moray East SGT Noise Enclosures

The Kimpton Acoustic Team have been awarded the contract to design, supply, deliver and erect three new Supergrid Transformer Noise Enclosures at the Moray East Onshore Substation near New Deer, Aberdeenshire. All have to meet the stringent noise reduction requirements, whilst allowing the transformers to work at their optimum operating temperatures – rain or shine.

The Moray East offshore wind project when complete, will deliver up to 1,116MW at a price of £57.50/MWh – or 5.75p/kWh for the duration of its fifteen-year contract. This represents a price that is less than half that of power generated by the other offshore windfarms under construction today. It will make offshore wind power truly competitive, delivering low-carbon electricity at a highly competitive price.

The offshore element of the wind farm is also unusual in that it will link three individual wind farms together. Moray West will have up to 85 turbines and a capacity of 85MW, whilst Beatrice that we worked on previously and is already fully commissioned delivers 588MW from 84 turbines. Moray East is bigger again with 100 turbines.

Evolution of a wind turbine
Source: London summit 2017, Breaking Clean, Michael Liebreich, Sept. 2017

Some key facts about Moray East Windfarm

  • Total windfarm Area – 295km2
  • Maximum turbine blade-tip height – 204m (669 feet)
  • Minimum distance from shore – 22km (13.5 miles)
Moray East Windfarm facts

The Scale of Moray East

The overall scale of Moray East is phenomenal and when fully operational will deliver clean electricity to serve the needs of up to 950,000 UK households. In real terms, this is enough to provide for up to 40% of Scotland’s domestic energy requirements.

When compared to coal-fired generation of the same amount of power, Moray East will save over 3.5 million tonnes of Carbon Dioxide every year. Even compared to gas-fired power generation, the CO2 saving is as high as 1.4 million tonnes. And that’s every year.

The New Deer onshore substation is also considerably larger than most – mainly due to it being the landing point for energy from the three individual offshore wind farms. It covers 50,000m2 which is around the size of eight football pitches.

Our team will be on-site from 9th March and we will show you images of the construction in progress.

You can read more about the project here.

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