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Tom Green joins Kimpton Acoustics as 3D Design Draughtsman

The Acoustics engineering business at Kimpton has been growing steadily for some years now with new applications and industries being served with our acoustic solutions.

It’s to help deliver the work behind this growth, that we’re delighted to welcome Tom Green to the team, who joins us as a 3D design Draughtsman. Like Neha, he has followed an interesting path to reach us, some of which have direct connections into Kimpton’s previous work.

As a recently qualified Mechanical Engineering graduate, Tom first joined Bibby, working on Hydrographic surveys. He’d worked with a competitor as an intern, so knew what to expect and enjoyed his 3 years of working offshore. One of the connected projects was the Burbo Bank Wind Farm, where we delivered 12 turnkey acoustic enclosures (link). His role was to survey for unexploded ordnance. This could have a catastrophic impact on the entire project, if he’d got it wrong and was a huge responsibility for someone so young and new to the team.

With a desire to be away from home less, Tom came back onshore and joined Radii Partitioning, where he stayed for two years.

He’s joined Kimpton to help us grow and develop our new range of acoustic engineering products, using his expertise and experience in 3D design.

Tom Green of Kimpton Acoustic Engiineering

“I’m very much looking forward to getting started and helping to develop the range of products. Kimpton are a hugely innovative company and it’s an exciting time to join. I am really looking forward to working on projects that I can see through to completion and installation.”

Outside of work, Tom is a volunteer for the RNLI in New Brighton – A position he’s held since 2017.

“At present, I’m able to attend around 15 of the 75 shouts we get per year. Working offshore is not conducive to completing training onshore, so It’s taken me longer than it would have done to complete my training, but I’m aiming to finish that soon.

During the last bank holiday weekend, we escorted a person on a jet ski, who’d run out of fuel, back to Lytham. There’a real variation in the type of shouts we attend”

Tom’s work starts straight away and we’ll share some of his work as it emerges from the drawing board into the manufacture and ultimately, installation.

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